An analysis of the american melting pot theory

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An analysis of the american melting pot theory


More growth was seen from to than any previous decade in American history. The majority of these immigrants were coming from non-English speaking countries: Whether they were escaping racial, religious, or political persecution, or seeking relief from famine or lack of economic opportunity, they all shared the same aspiration: These European countries, however, were drastically different than the United States in terms of culture and language, which led to a difficulty in adjusting to life that many of these immigrants experienced.

The idea of the melting pot holds the promise that each immigrant, regardless of race and background, can be transformed into an American.

An analysis of the american melting pot theory

This, of course, has to do with the time period in which the play was written, when more than 75 percent of all immigrants entering the United States were emigrating from European countries.

In the Melting Pot Theory, immigrants come to America, bringing with them their rich cultural history that they melt into the ever-evolving homogenous broth.

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Some groups— particularly minorities— have been largely excluded from this melting process. While they are expected to shed the undesirable and unfamiliar aspects of their culture, the flavor of the pot has been and always will be distinctly white.

Rather than an equal blending of cultures, assimilation in the United States is largely one-sided, as immigrants and minority groups are expected to give up their traditions and conform to the preexisting Anglo-American culture.

Consequently, they gradually lose their cultural identity, melting the parts of themselves central to their sense of self, becoming part of the broth, and thus becoming indistinguishably American.

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In practice, assimilation leads to a loss of a sense of identity for people of less dominant cultures, as they lose their original language and culture, a process that can be both demoralizing and dehumanizing.

Ultimately, in theory, the melting pot would include learning about other cultures for mutual enrichment.

In practice, however, the melting pot requires minorities to melt the undesirable aspects of their culture, yet still excludes these parts in the overall soup; all you can taste is the culture of the dominant group. The Washington Post, n.‘‘BEYOND THE MELTING POT’’: CULTURAL TRANSMISSION, MARRIAGE, AND THE EVOLUTION OF ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS TRAITS* ALBERTOBISINANDTHIERRYVERDIER This paper presents an economic analysis of the intergenerational transmis-sion of ethnic and religious traits through family socialization .

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An analysis of the american melting pot theory

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I do concur that busting people’s asses for driving while stoned is a very important social bright. 'Melting pot' America The Statue of Liberty has welcomed immigrants to the US since American society has often been described as a melting pot but in recent years, it has also attracted other definitions such as "tomato soup" and "tossed salad".

In this age of multicultural democracy, the idea of assimilation--that the social distance separating immigrants and their children from the mainstream of American society closes over time--seems outdated and, in some forms, even offensive.

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