Architectural engineering essay

Architectural engineering and technology Essay Dissertation Help Architectural engineering and technology Order Description The client is considering acquiring a site at Warwick Bar and has recently sponsored an architectural ideas competition to assess the potential of the site.

Architectural engineering essay

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Art and architecture have been the source of the creativity Architectural engineering essay some of the greatest buildings in many parts of the world. Architectural engineering requires specific skills for one to perform certain roles.

Architectural engineering is considered to be one the most valuable subjects in meeting the demands of industrialized countries Stohlmann et al. This is due to the continuous expansion of knowledge and skills in technology -related subjects. The current status requires greater emphasis on STEM subjects and Architect Engineering forms an important aspect part of those subjects that will create job opportunities.

Architectural engineering involves Architectural engineering essay processes and procedures that lead to establishment of fully-functioning buildings.

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LaVine describes the discipline as that which involves design such as buildings, walls, and bridges, among others of structures in a manner that respects the economic and environmental situations of a particular place. The designs make the parts of buildings to meet their aims without compromising the environment.

The design and drawing of plumbing systems, electrical systems, architectural acoustics, the foundation of a building, building aesthetics, and fire protection systems are some of the activities performed by architectural engineers.

Owing to the rapid development of cities and urban centers, the discipline plays a significant role in ensuring that urban development takes into consideration the human settlement and housing changes of the 21st century.

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Architectural Engineering Essays

For instance, many buildings have been constructed to meet challenges such as congestion in cities through road and building constructions that factor human population issues such as expanding populations and increased use of vehicles on the roads.

This has made towns more habitable and conducive to business activities. Architectural engineering also helps to lessen the effects of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, among other natural disasters.

Through research, engineers have been able to develop construction technologies and practices that reduce the chances of deaths in the case of natural disasters Stohlmann et al Engineering structures that withstand floods and quakes have received considerable attention in most parts of the US, Canada, South America and the Caribbean due to the frequent disasters in the region.

Contrary, in Haiti, Minnery observes that widespread destruction during hurricanes results from the lack of architectural designs that take into consideration the exposures of the country to such disasters. For instance, inan earthquake of lower in magnitude than the one that hit Chile in the same period, caused widespread destruction and deaths compared to the small impact the Chileans experienced.

Architectural engineering pays a lot of attention to the environmental impact of structures. Since ecosystems cannot neutralize all carbon dioxide gas emissions, architectural engineers have embraced those designs that factor the use of renewable energy sources for the sustainable urban development Altomonte Also, architectural engineering helps to design low-cost buildings that solve overcrowding in poor areas of the country.

These areas show a higher tendency to social problems and environmental pollution. As such, buildings that are geared towards solving the housing or settlement problems have been built as a reaction to the direct impact of poor settlements on the environment.

Architectural designs serve to sustain the cultural identities of a particular group of people. Some of the buildings in urban centers have their origins in the beliefs, values, norms and ethos of people.

These cultural identities have been passed from one generation to another Burley and Peterson In this sense, buildings represent some form of the heritage of a given people.

Through rebuilding architectures, engineers enable people to reconnect with past experiences. The reconnection may be expressed in the preservation of war graffiti, civil rights struggles or historical monuments.

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The expressions pass values and a sense of the relevance of the building towards certain historical events Toll, 16 OctoberThe European. For instance, the regenerated Tower 2 of World Trade Centre WTC can be considered as a manifestation of a balance of events and rebirth.Free Essay: There are 25 major specialties in engineering that are recognized by professional societies.

In any one of those 25 specialties, the goal of the. Architectural Engineering Essays: Over , Architectural Engineering Essays, Architectural Engineering Term Papers, Architectural Engineering Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Essay about The Importance of Architectural Engineering Words | 5 Pages With the help of architectural engineers, our world has become very civilized and advanced over the past decades.

Essay Architectural Engineering - There are 25 major specialties in engineering that are recognized by professional societies.

Architectural engineering essay

In any one of those 25 specialties, the goal of the engineer is the same. The goal is to be able to come up with a cost effective design that aids people in the tasks they face each day. Architectural engineering and technology. Order Description. The client is considering acquiring a site at Warwick Bar and has recently sponsored an architectural .

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Architect vs. Architectural Engineer: What’s the Difference?