Art of the first global age

In the face of fear, it is a physiological fact that our most primitive and selfish instincts emerge. As we move into fight-or-flight mode, we become more self-centred, and our vision narrows to the perceived threat, which in the modern world is less to our survival than to our sense of value and worthiness. We lose the capacity for empathy, rationality, proportionality and attention to the longer-term consequences of our actions. This is the reactive state Trump has tapped into with his followers and which he has prompted in his opponents.

Art of the first global age

The Age of Modern Art Lesser known modern art movements of the mid-late 19th century included: Macchiaioli a Florentine style of anti-academy Impressionism ; Japonismpopular in UK and France ; French Naturalism Bande Noire, Brittany inspired by Emil Zola ss ; Naive Art, exemplified by Henri Rousseau ; Symbolisman intellectual form of expressionist painting ; Les Nabisa mystical religious school Art of the first global age decorative art which spanned painting, tapestry, mosaics, fans, ceramics, and book illustration s ; Verismo, an Italian school of raw realism, led by Telemaco Signorini.

Sunrise at the first Impressionist show. Impressionists focused on the depiction of outdoor light, but within a decade most of them had turned to painting indoors or in studios. The highpoint of French painting. In American architecturethe s heralded huge advances in Skyscraper architecture.

History of Expressionist Painting c. In America, the latest 19th century architecture saw "skyscrapers" by the Chicago School of Architecture Venice Biennale opens Completion of the Eiffel Towera wonder of 19th century wrought-iron architecture.

Emergence of Secession and Art Nouveautwo art and design movements which sought to break away from the traditions of the official academies.

They also sought to unite the fine arts of painting and sculpture and architecture with the applied arts of design and decoration see History of Poster Art Their exhibitions caused great controversy.

Art Nouveau affected fine art, architecture, furniture, jewellery art and glass. The first of the Secession movements was the Munich Secession in German Expressionisma major offshoot, included: The Ashcan School founded.

It comprised a small number of painters who chronicled everyday life in New York City during the pre-war period, producing realistic and unvarnished pictures and etchings of urban streetscapes and genre scenes.

Armory Showa major exhibition of modern art, is held in America.

Art of the first global age

Picasso combines with Georges Braque to invent the revolutionary art movement called Cubismoverturning conventional ideas of perspective and form which emerges in 3 stages: The chaos of World War I and the Russian Revolution shatter many conventional ideas in the world of painting and sculpture, leading to numerous avant-garde movements.

The Bauhaus approach to architectural design was introduced to American architects by Mies van der Rohe, with great success. In addition, another style known as Social Realism portrays the everyday hardships of the Depression era.

In This Imperfect Present Moment

In Europe, the era of Surrealism: A parallel art movement to Surrealism was Magic Realism, whose paintings are anchored in everyday reality, but with overtones of fantasy. The name was coined by the German art historian and critic Franz Roh inin a book entitled Nach Expressionismus: Biomorphic abstraction also flourished in the 30s.

High point of Art Decoa style of design for furniture, jewellery, textiles and interior decor. The term was coined from the title of the seminal design exhibition in Paris, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

The period of Socialist Realism: Chaos and war undermines the primacy of Paris as the world centre of art, a title which soon devolves upon New York. In Londona left-wing modern realist group of artists establish The Euston Road School, advocating the portrayal of traditional subjects in a realist manner, to make art more understandable and socially relevant.

Pablo Picasso paints his monumental monochrome masterpiece Guernica. New York supercedes Paris as the centre of art, Abstract Expressionism emerges as the dominant new style.

Art of the first global age

Other hyper-modern movements like Spatialism Italy also appeared, prefacing later Performance and land artworks. Pop-Artists employ contemporary iconic images in an anti-art approach, giving commonplace articles artistic status. Arte Povera appears in Italy. The 60s also witnesses the rise of Photorealism aka superrealisma form of meticulous photo-like realism, championed by Richard Estes street scenes with elaborate window reflections and Chuck Close b.

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Minimalism emerges during the s, as does British contemporary painting.Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: The Age of Global Art.

Study Plan. Follow this Study Plan as you work your way through the online materials. Check all that apply: Print out the Chapter Outline and bring it to class to help structure your note-taking. Review the Interactive Exercises for this chapter. Trump is angrier and more self-absorbed than when I first knew him.

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Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: The Age of Global Art Chapter Outline Art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries can be categorized into the Modern (c. –) and Contemporary (c. –present) periods, but often refuses any further typecasting. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. - The First Art Newspaper on the Net