Buffy the vampire slayer an analysis of dead mans party

Plot[ edit ] Joyce hangs up a Nigerian mask given by a gallery friend. At Giles' apartment, Buffy avoids most questions about her summer, while Giles hides his relief at her return. The next day, Joyce takes Buffy to see Principal Snyder, who takes vindictive pleasure in refusing to lift her expulsion.

Buffy the vampire slayer an analysis of dead mans party

It'll come right back up to get you. Joyce is hanging up a Nigerian mask given to her by a friend at the gallery while Buffy finishes unpacking. She reluctantly allows Buffy to go to find her friends, who are coordinating a vampire hunt via walkie-talkies.

Buffy stumbles upon the vamp-hunting Schoobies and assists them in staking, only to have everyone shocked at her sudden return. Everyone heads to Giles' apartment, where he puts on the usual 'stiff upper lip' when he sees that Buffy has returned.

Later, everyone discusses the news that Buffy is no longer wanted for Kendra's murder and also speculate on where Buffy went during the summer while, unseen by the others, in the kitchen Giles nearly cries from the relief that Buffy has returned safely, but composes himself before returning to the group.

The next day, Joyce takes Buffy to see Principal Snyder, who takes vindictive pleasure in keeping Buffy from re-entering Sunnydale High despite the fact she no longer has criminal charges against her.

Joyce then discusses the idea of sending Buffy away to school with the obvious intent of getting her out out of harm's way in Sunnydale before dropping her off at a coffee shop for a scheduled meeting with Willow, who does not show up.

Buffy the vampire slayer an analysis of dead mans party

Buffy goes home and meets Pat, a book club member of Joyce's who does not hesitate to comment about Buffy's recent behavior and its impact on Joyce. While fetching fancy "company" plates for a dinner with her friends that Joyce arranges, Buffy finds a dead cat in the basement.

Buffy and Joyce bury it, but later that night, the Nigerian mask's eyes glow red, and the dead cat crawls its way out of its grave. Buffy has another nightmare involving Angel. The next morning, while she and Joyce are discussing her schooling options in the kitchen, Joyce suggests that Buffy should not be so secretive and tell a few people such as Principal Snyder and the police that she is the Slayer.

The dead cat surprises them. Giles comes over to remove it in a cage. Buffy waves him in and says, "Welcome to the Hellmouth Petting Zoo. Later in the library, the gang are discussing various "welcome back" dinner scenarios for Buffy "Is it a gathering, or a shindig, or a hootenanny?

Buffy the vampire slayer an analysis of dead mans party

Giles, who is doing research on Buffy's reanimated cat, is distracted by the discussion and overlooks a page in his book showing Joyce's Nigerian mask. Dingoes Ate My Baby soon arrives at Buffy's house without notice, along with many "guests" from school that Buffy barely knows. Overwhelmed by all of the partygoers, Buffy tries to talk to Willow, who pretends to be distracted so that she doesn't have to talk to her.

Buffy then tries to talk with Xander and Cordelia Chase, but finds that they're too busy kissing each other to be bothered. Meanwhile, Joyce is telling Pat in the kitchen how much it means to her to have Buffy back, though it has been harder on her than expected.

Overhearing only the end of Joyce's statements and misinterpreting them, Buffy goes upstairs and decides to pack her things again. At the library, Giles is horrified by what he finally uncovers about the mask.

He tries to phone Buffy's house, but the partygoers who answer the phone fail to properly relay his message, or even understand it, with Dingos Ate My Baby playing at full volume "There's no 'Buddy' here! You've got the wrong house, 'Mr. Willow, having decided to try and make things up with her friend, finds Buffy in the bedroom and is visibly angry that her best friend is thinking about leaving again.

The two then get into an argument, as Willow accuses Buffy of just giving up on Sunnydale and for not being there for her during a summer when she needed her help as Willow's life developed due to dating Oz and dabbling in magic.

Willow also accuses Buffy of being so worried about people being angry with her that she didn't bother to ask anyone else how they were doing. Giles decides to drive to the party, angrily talking to himself about how dumb Joyce was to hang a cursed mask as decoration "Do you like my mask?Have you ever noticed his teeth?

They're like tiny rodent teeth - horrible gnashing little teeth. You just want to pull them out with pliers. Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Analysis Of Dead Man s Party Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a programme in the comedy/horror genre. This genre has distinct conventions all of these are displayed in BTVS.

There are the strong horror elements that you would find in a straight horror film or series. The. This Pin was discovered by Claudia Isabel. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. A page for describing Recap: Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3E2 "Dead Man's Party".

Joyce is hanging up a Nigerian mask given to her by a friend at the gallery . This is a fascinating comparison of Angel & Spike and analysis of the not rape scene.

Buffy - Rant about Spike vs Angel by ~airagorncharda on deviantART. I love both Spike and Angel.

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Angel is definetly worse soulless than Spike is though. Find this Pin and more on AWESOME *BUFFY* STUFF! by Mandy. Buffy is trying to disassociate from her identity as a Vampire Slayer, but she has some point of reference: Lily has nothing, and so Buffy both sympathizes with the character and uses her as a source of psycho-analysis for her own position.

Dead Man's Party - Buffy Episode 36 Transcript