Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g


Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g

Aug 18, It owns and markets some of the most popular brands in the country across various categories, including soaps, detergents, shampoos, tea and face creams. The company is set to gain further momentum, given the revival of consumer spending.

HUL sells products at different price points straddled between the entire value chain. In the past few years, it has diversified into processed foods, ice-creamswater purifiers and specialised chemicals. The company has been launching new products and brand extensions, with investments being made towards brand-building and increasing its market share.

While its sales have maintained a secular growth trend, profit margins have shown an erratic trend during the period.

Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g

High dividend yield, steady growth and strong market standing in its product categories have enabled HUL to command premium valuations, compared to other FMCG companies. Moreover, given increasing competitionit faces the risk of being overtaken by domestic players in various categories.

CHAPTER – ONE Moreover, the multinationals that are operating in India have business models that are tailor-made to local markets and customs.
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Keeping into mind The dynamics of rural consumer and distribution infrastructure, the marketer had adopted a different promotion strategy to promote the vim in rural areas.

Prolonged inflation may lead to margin contraction, in case HUL is not able to pass on this burden to consumers. The company has delivered in the past and has the potential to do better in future. It is diversifying into non-tobacco FMCG segments like foods, personal care, paper products, hotels and agri-business to reduce its exposure to cigarettes.

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This cash-generating business has enabled it to take ambitious, but expensive bets in new segments and deliver modest profit growth. But the pressure of sustaining its new businesses, as well as higher tax burden on the cigarette business, is straining its profits.

Increased regulatory clamps on tobacco, along with rising tax burden, pose a business risk for ITC. So, it has started an ambitious diversification plan, which has its own set of risks.

Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g

This will burden its resources in terms of ad spend and brand-building. Export ban and rising crop prices pose a threat for its agri-businesstaxing its margins. ITC has proved its expertise in the cigarettes, hotels, paper and agri-businesses. Investors who want to bank on its execution ability in FMCG can consider the stock with a long-term horizon.Event Marketing 1 4 “P”’s of general marketing and the 4 “P”’s of the “sports marketing mix” Traditional four "P"'s of general marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place, another four "P"’s are added to sport marketing: Planning, Packaging, Positioning and Perception.

By acquiring Clairol, Wella and Gillette, P&G had complimentary brands and products which helped it achieve synergies in scale in marketing, distribution and promotion. UNILEVER Unilever has brands across 14 categories of home, personal care and .

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To overcome this threat of reaching a growth ceiling, P&G must look to expand its marketing strategies, to move beyond the marketing concept; to meet the needs and wants of the consumer better than their competitors – P&G must employ a societal marketing concept to deliver value to the consumer and also improve society’s well .

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questionnaire marketing mix with hul and p g