Movie review gattaca

Gattaca Movie The director and writer of Gattaca Andrew Niccol has chosen his sparse projects wisely in my own opinion, writer of the excellent The Truman Show with it's own slant on reality TV, The Terminal with its sly look at the restless society we live in today, and his first work, writing and directing Gattaca. Its origins are obviously from Aldus Huxley's Brave New World and that's no bad thing in itself, I just wish it had been acknowledged as such by the whole production team.

Movie review gattaca

Lives have become healthier, longer, with modern hygiene, sanitation, medicine, and surgery, conquering more physical and mental illnesses by the month. I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science.

Movie review gattaca civilization portrayed is a discriminatory one, in which status and quality of lifestyle is determined solely by a DNA profile. Children are created by DNA manipulation to produce an impeccable genetic composition, with parents able to buy whatever traits are deemed fanciable for their child.

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Nowadays, society is able to determine the gender of their child, just like that of Gattaca. Parents are now able to choose the type of sperm that will fertilize an egg, which determines the gender and genes of the baby, and allow Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD to screen embryos for potential disease.

Trounsen in the scientific journal nature. One day we may be able to choose cosmetic or desirable characteristics and cure genetic diseases, just like we can modify embryos and undergo surgery to change eye color successfully today. The current technology of society is quite competent, especially in regards to future development.

In essence, genetic engineering may be defined as the manipulation or alteration of the genetic structure of a cell or organism in medical, industrial, and agricultural fields.

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It has enabled the successful cloning of Dolly — the sheep by Ian Wilmut using a cell from a mammary gland, which is a revolutionary example of the windows opened due to genetic engineering; a hint at what the future could bring.

In fact, the successful cloning of many animals including CC the kitten, Idaho the colt, and Snuppy the dog will most certainly one day evolve into human gene manipulation at birth; due to this the foundation of Gattaca as humans artificially perfected is theoretically possible.

To the question of lacking the capacity to discriminate this way, it is justifiable to conclude that society is capable of such derogatory action.

Movie review gattaca

Scientific advances like the IVF baby and successful cloning techniques have huge implications for future human reproductive technology: In addition, we are also capable of genetic discrimination, as is consistent with Gattacan society.Gattaca may be all done up in new-fangled notions, but underneath all the guff about designer babies, it rests on a notion that was a staple of the original "Star Trek" series.

Read full review Read movie and film review for Gattaca () - Andrew Niccol on AllMovie - Elegantly accompanied by an award-winning. Pleasantville- Film Review the strongest aspect of the film was the innovative and creative use of colour, and the extraordinary costumes which instantly launched my mind into the 50's.

Oct 24,  · “Gattaca” is the remarkable debut of a writer-director from New Zealand, Andrew Niccol, whose film is intelligent and thrilling--a tricky combination--and also visually exciting/5. Gattaca is one amazing sci-fi movie that I’ve ever watched. Though it doesn’t necessarily focus on science fiction that much. The focus is more on the reality of the world, a simple love story and a struggle to do something that you’ve dreamed of, when everyone is against you or simply doesn’t believe in you. Oct 15,  · Gattaca Movie Review By tina October 15, ethan hawke gattaca jude law uma thurman Gattaca movie starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Jude Law is a sic-fi movie .

In contrary I believe the film also holds some aspects which could be improved. Gattaca is a American science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. The movie uses a swimming treadmill in the opening minutes to punctuate the swimming and futuristic themes.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the film received an approval rating of 82% based on 55 reviews, with a rating average of / The site. Critics Consensus: Intelligent and scientifically provocative, Gattaca is an absorbing sci fi drama that poses important interesting ethical questions about the nature of science%.

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