Pdf ielts how to write at a 9 task two

If your test is in February, prepare ideas for these topics as topics can be repeated but the questions will be changed.

Pdf ielts how to write at a 9 task two

I first saw him in a movie on DVD and I thought he was really hilarious. In fact I watched a movie of his just a couple of weeks ago with a friend… it was a spoof spy movie like the James Bond movies but he was useless at everything and it was very funny.

He always seems to have the best intentions but he gets himself into terrible problems and funny situations just doing normal things. His style of comedy is very clever.

Probably because they appeal to a large group of people. Some movie actors become famous for one particular film which brings them to the attention of a worldwide audience. It might be a Hollywood blockbuster which is popular all over the world.

And of course some actors become famous or popular because of their good looks or the character which they play in movies. Do comedians earn a lot of money? It depends, there are different types of comedians.

Those who work on TV, those who do films and then those who do stand up comedy in theatres and clubs. Do you think these people deserve to earn so much money? If people like them and are willing to pay to see them, either live or in a movie, then they deserve the money they receive.

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If they are good then they will probably earn lots of money because people value what they do. Do many young people or, children try to imitate film stars e.

pdf ielts how to write at a 9 task two

If yes, how, why? They buy similar clothes or shoes or maybe even do their hair in the same style. There are a lot of celebrity magazines which cover the styles of famous people including movie stars so people are obviously interested in that sort of thing.

Maybe people like to copy them because they feel that they identify with the actor or a particular character. What forms of entertainment are most popular in your country?

All different kinds, TV, music, live events, computer games. It probably depends on where you live, how old you are and what things you like to do in your free time.

When I was at school I used to play a lot of computer games and listen to music and watch TV. I guess the most popular for the majority of people would be TV, watching movies, either at the cinema or on DVD, and going out to parties or to a restaurant with friends.

Do you think men and women have different tastes in entertainment? Sometimes maybe, but not always. My girlfriends and I like different movies from men and our idea of a good night out is probably less exciting than some of my male friends would like, but then there are lots of things that men and women like doing for entertainment that are the same.

Comedy is a good example. Most comedians are funny for both men and women. But there are definitely some things like music and books which are quite different for men and women. What kinds of entertainment do young people like?

In general though I think most young people like watching TV, movies, listening to music and chatting to their friends. What kinds of entertainment do children like?

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 9

Some like reading a lot like my little brother, and they like going to the movies to see a film. Do you think children or young people can learn anything from entertainment? Yes, they can learn all sorts of things. I think nowadays more than ever they can learn more through entertainment because all the information related to it is on the internet.

If they want to find out about an actor or someone famous they can just Google them and learn everything they want to about that person.pfmlures.com iii Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 Vanessa Jakeman Clare McDowell C AMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS.

pdf ielts how to write at a 9 task two

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