Plead letter to go aactive duty from national guard essay

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Plead letter to go aactive duty from national guard essay

The Coalition fosters cross-sector collaboration between the military, government and community.


Arkansas - ARVets http: Designed by a collective of established community partners, this network is not a new program or service, but a new coordinated way of serving our veterans and military community. We aim to provide services that positively impact veterans and military families in need of assistance.

Services can range from housing, employment, education, and community outreach. California - Victory Village Amador www. We facilitate veterans services for our service members, veterans, and families by streamlining access to Veterans Housing, Education, Life Skills and Physical Wellness services.

In support of our military and families, we are bridging the gap from military service to civilian life. Colorado - Colorado Veteran's Resource Portal www. Guidance and input from veterans was taken into account and we've created this site, which, we hope, will help veterans in the state of Colorado.

The reason we have created this portal is to help veterans in Colorado find all of the free resources available to them. When Shane Schmutz, a three-time Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and the founder of VP2H began organizing a large veteran based fund-raising event inhe began networking within the Colorado veteran community.

What he and his team found through networking was that a lot of people and organizations existed solely to help veterans. As a veteran himself, Shane was surprised that he was unaware of the multiple resources available.

Shane and his board members wanted all veterans to know about ALL of the resources without having to spend thousands of hours networking. They wanted the information easily available and accessible at veteran's fingertips.


Shane's team did additional research and discovered that many individuals within the state, the Colorado state government, and veteran focused donors also wanted to create a way to compile all of the available information and resources.

We utilized the strengths and talents of his VP2H team to do what many people only talked about. Before now, nobody has taken the time, energy, or didn't have the funding to create a website like this one.

After nearly two years of research and hard work, VP2H is proud to host, maintain, and continue to improve the Colorado Veteran's Resource Portal. DC - Serving Together https: We are positioned as the conduit to a greater community of support. Our mission is to provide clear guidance and ensure understanding of the earned resources available to veterans, members of the military and their families.

We have solid relationships with nonprofits, community veteran organizations, local businesses and County government, all with a common goal of sharing ongoing support in the many transitions in life beyond the military.

Our focus is to continually be listening, understanding, and collaborating with both our community partners and our veteran families to improve lives and strengthen the future for those who have given to our country.

Delaware - Delaware Military Support https: By combining our resources, DMSO is able to support several military programs, including KUDOS Kids Understanding Deployment Operations and dignified transfer assistance as well as assisting military personnel and their families who are experiencing financial hardship and much more Georgia - United Military Care Making military and veteran families stronger through emergency assistance, problem solving and strategic planning.

Plead letter to go aactive duty from national guard essay

Serving all veterans, transitioning service members and their families. Together, we work to raise awareness about: We convene monthly to develop local solutions, expand our network, and facilitate access to resources.

Maryland Montgomery County - Serving Together http: Serving Together, with help from Montgomery County government, local organizations, and businesses, is striving to provide a sustained, coordinated system in support to the 50, veterans living in Montgomery County and welcome home the newest generation of Warriors.

Massachusetts - The Mass VetsAdvisor http:The Salvation Army Family Stores offer the country's best bargains, serving families from all walks of life and providing value to the communities they serve.

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Plead letter to go aactive duty from national guard essay

The National Guard remains a state entity under the exclusive command and control of the governor, unless federalized, and the DSC has a state chain-of-command that reaches through the adjutant general, to the governor, and directs both Title 32 and State Active Duty National Guard forces in response to the state mission.

The Military Family Network has teamed up with Glamour Shots located in the Southeast to provide a free session and 8-byinch portrait to active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and retired service members and their families.

The program is available to active duty, National Guard and Reserve Component service members. While the decision to pursue a degree may be a difficult one personally, TA can lessen your financial concerns considerably, since it now pays up to percent of tuition expenses for semester hours costing $ or less.

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