Romeo and juliet essay . who is to blame for their deaths

Hire Writer Fate can be seen in the play as operating on many occasions e. Is it fate, or is it a strange coincidence that Lord Capulet should send out invitations to his banquet using an illiterate messenger? Romeo and Benvolio happen to be walking in the same place as the messenger when he asks Romeo to read the list of guests. Romeo himself feels that he is being controlled by fate.

Romeo and juliet essay . who is to blame for their deaths

Therefore the nurse and Juliet are as close as mother and daughter. I feel she should have warned Juliet about the consequences because it was obvious something dreadful was bound to happen because of the old family feud.

The nurse shows Juliet how excited she is which gives Juliet confidence to marry Romeo secretly. She also shows Romeo excitement when she goes to tell Romeo how much Juliet loves him and wants to get married to him.

Juliet would not have a person who she could use to send messages to Romeo and she would not have been encouraged by any excitement.

Romeo and Juliet may have other ways of getting messages through to each other but I still feel that it would not have gone so far in such a short period of time without the nurse sticking by her side so strongly.

She has been employed by the mother and father of Juliet and her first consideration should have been to do her job correctly. The only reason she may have helped Romeo and Juliet is if she cared about how Juliet felt more than her job.

In the morning she warns him about someone coming upstairs so he could escape. If the marriage was not consummated they could have got the marriage annulled easily.

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Again the nurse is being really irresponsible because she is acting like a teenager and giving them false hopes of being together when she knows very well that it is not possible. She is very young and inexperienced. It was common for girls of her age to be married off.

However, once Juliet has lost her virginity she would find it more difficult to find a husband. The nurse must have known this. He warns her that if she does not follow his wishes he will cast her out on the street and disinherit her.

Naturally Juliet turns to the nurse for help and support because the nurse is closer to Juliet than her own mother. I felt that the nurse should help Juliet as she had been doing the whole time, but that is proved wrong when she turns against her and tells her to marry Paris who her father favors.

Throughout the play the nurse seems like a real friend to Juliet; helping her in every possible way, but at this moment when Juliet is in crisis she betrays her.

She knew he would be furious if he found out she had been helping Juliet go against his commands. In the 16th century England the daughters of the rich were seen as property. They were given away by their families and had no rights.

It was the same for the time when the play is set therefore Juliet knows she will not have the law on her side or anyone to support her. As a direct result of the nurses actions Juliet realizes she is alone and she has to make her own decisions.Romeo and Juliet are to Blame for Their Own Deaths Words | 9 Pages.

Romeo and Juliet are to Blame for Their Own Deaths Shakespeare is said to be one . Quick Answer.

Romeo and Juliet - Who is at fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet? Showing of Abby-Rose last edited Mar 01, They were simply not consistent with their poor daughter.
"Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?" Essay Example For Students | Artscolumbia Abby-Rose last edited Mar 01, Although I am MORE of the opinion that the families feuds were responsible for their deaths, I really think Romeo's parents weren't the problem.
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There are many people who may be to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. These people are their parents, for continuing the feud, Mercutio, for taking Romeo to the ball where he. Who Is To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two star crossed lovers whose love cannot apart them from their two feuding families. In this essay I will state who or what are responsible for their deaths, the main theme of the story is hatred and fate.

In Shakespeare's time, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet would have been their fault because they disobeyed their parents. However, we tend to interpret the story as a love story subject a group of. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare tells the story of two young lovers whose families are enemies.

Romeo and juliet essay . who is to blame for their deaths

Because of the family feud their love story ends in tragedy. Romeo and Juliet are to Blame for Their Own Deaths Essay examples - Romeo and Juliet are to Blame for Their Own Deaths Shakespeare is said to be one of .

Romeo and juliet essay . who is to blame for their deaths
Romeo And Juliet: Who Is To Blame For Their Deaths? | Essay Example