The proposition 215 that deals with the legalization of marijuana

Bruce Barcott January 27, Dennis Peron, shown here celebrating the passage of California's medical marijuana law, died today at age Peron was one of the first to realize the health benefits cannabis was offering to AIDS patients. Peron and his husband, John Entwistle, continued to be active in the life of San Francisco over the past 30 years.

The proposition 215 that deals with the legalization of marijuana

This act allows citizens who qualify for a medical marijuana card to legally procure, possess and use medical marijuana. It also provides a safe environment for patients to talk to medical professionals about medical marijuana use and appropriate dosages for their specific needs.

Furthermore, doctors are now able to prescribe MMJ for a range of disorders and illnesses. Anyone can apply for a medical marijuana card if they have an ailment they believe would be alleviated by MMJ use. This has left many who rely on MMJ as a means of medication to wonder where this leaves them with regards to access to medical marijuana and the available treatment options.

This new proposition also forbids the use of cannabis in public arenas, so consumers will have to be discreet and keep to private spaces to imbibe.

State Medical Marijuana Laws

Why You Should Hold onto Your Medical Marijuana Card Patients who qualify for and possess a medical marijuana card will not have these obstacles and will be allowed to dose in most places that tobacco use is allowed.

Those with a medical marijuana card, however, will continue to be allowed to cultivate up to square feet of MMJ at any given time. Many believe that even when the full legislation is in place, patients with a medical marijuana card will be given preferential treatment in regards to access to MMJ.

As mentioned earlier, anyone with a medical condition who believes that access to MMJ will help to relieve their symptoms will be able to apply for a medical marijuana card from a licensed physician.

A Brief Stopover Became a Lifelong Love

This can be done in a clinic by asking your primary doctor, visiting a specialized doctor at an evaluation clinic or, to speed up the process, via an online service such as that provided by MMJ Recs.

With long waiting times and short evaluation time, patients leave feeling uninformed and uncertain about their new treatment plan.

Online services not only cut down on wait times, but they also provide access to highly specialized medical marijuana doctors who are able to give patients a tailored treatment plan that outlines the best methods of dosage, the different strains available, and an outline of the different benefits and risks associated with this form of medication.

Some of the most common qualifying conditions include arthritis, glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, anorexia, chronic pain and migraines. There are nearly 50 qualifying medical conditions that MMJ Recs physicians recognize, you can follow this link.

Author Mel Posted on.Three different groups filed proposed initiatives with the California Secretary of State for ballot measures that would legalize marijuana, but the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of is the only one that qualified for the ballot.

The proposition 215 that deals with the legalization of marijuana

Richard Lee and Jeffrey Wayne Jones filed the language for on July 27, Two decades later in , Proposition , which legalized medical marijuana, passed with 56% of the vote.

In the California Senate Bill SB clarified some of Proposition to address critics and issues that arose since it was passed. If anything, says Dale Gieringer, head of the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and a co-organizer of the Prop.

drive, most legalization. Watch video · Arizona's ballot measure to legalize marijuana trailed in early election results, and final unofficial tallies showed voters saying "no" to Proposition The race — which pitted business.

Opposition is already organizing behind groups such as Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, which formed to defeat a legalization initiative that was rejected by 53% of voters. Sep 24,  · California's Proposition (). With this ballot initiative, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana.

The proposition 215 that deals with the legalization of marijuana
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