Volcanic eruption a life taker or a life saver essay

Sigiriya rock plateau, how can also referred to write cover letter 2nd paragraph paper. A volcanic eruption is one of the most dangerous and eventful natural disasters that can take place. Some volcanic eruptions blow off the top of the volcano. Mineralogical Association of Water plants business plan Short Course 23,

Volcanic eruption a life taker or a life saver essay

After reading this article you will learn about: Introduction to Volcanoes 2. Major Gases Emitted by Volcanoes 5. Lightning and Whirlwinds 6. Source of the Explosive Energy 9. Classification of Pyroclastics Due to the accumulation of the solid fragments around the conduit a conical mass is built which increases in size to become a large volcanic mountain.

The conical mass so built-up is called a volcano. However the term volcano is taken to include not only the central vent in the earth but also the mountain or hill built around it.

The volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands are nearly metres above sea level since they are built over the floor of the Pacific ocean which at the site is to metres deep, the total height of the volcano may be about m or more.

There are many inaccessible regions and ocean floors where volcanoes have occurred undocumented or unnoticed.

Volcanic eruption a life taker or a life saver essay

The eruption of a volcano is generally preceded by earthquakes and by loud rumblings like thunder which may continue on a very high scale during the eruption. The loud rumblings are due to explosive movement of gases and molten rock which are held under very high pressure.

Before eruption of a volcano fissures are likely to be opened, nearby lakes likely to be drained and hot springs may appear at places. The eruptive activity of volcanoes is mostly named after the well-known volcanoes, which are known for particular type of behaviour, like Strambolian, Vulcanian, Vesuvian, Hawaiian types of eruption.

Volcanic eruption a life taker or a life saver essay

The nature of a volcanic eruption is determined largely by the type of materials ejected from the vent of the volcano. Volcanic eruptions may be effusive fluid lavas or dangerous and explosive with blasts of rock, gas, ash and other pyroclasts.

Some volcanoes erupt for just a few minutes while some volcanoes spew their products for a decade or more. Between these two main types viz. There is also the ground hugging lethally hot avalanches of volcanic debris called pyroclastic flows.

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When magma rises, it may encounter groundwater causing enormous phreatic, i. Eruptions may also release suffocating gases into the atmosphere. Eruptions may produce tsunamis and floods and may trigger earthquakes. They may unleash ravaging rockslides and mudflows.

Volcanoes which have had no eruptions during historic times, but may still show fairly fresh signs of activity and have been active in geologically recent times are said to be dormant.Various advances in technology has led to the introduction of mobile phones in our life.

And somehow, it has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone today can be seen possessing a mobile phone. The new era has made smartphones very popular. Pollution is a life killer, but also a life saver. Pollution: Promise, Problem, or Progress?

There are numerous disputes whether Pollution is a Promise or a Destroyer. Volcano Formation and EruptionsVolcanic eruptions may be violent, even catastrophic, or relatively mild. The mostexplosive eruptions are essentially blasts of steam that create spectacular displays.

Quieter fissure eruptions occur when molten rock pushes through long cracks in theEarth’s crust and floods the surrounding landscape. If you still have running water from the taps immediately after the earthquake, fill the bathtub and other containers in case the running water fails.

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