World cup research paper

Cycle 4, Abstract: By comparing the short-term and long-term economic impacts of the World Cup upon countries that host the spectacular event, this article will qualitatively demonstrate that the World Cup has positive impacts in the long run. Assessment will focus on three specific aspects of hosting the World Cup: Based on the conclusions in this paper, future studies should more focus on quantitative research that can measure the exact extent of the impacts Article:

World cup research paper


The challenge is contested by national teams of senior men. The championship, inaugurated inis awarded every four years except for the years and when it was interrupted by the Second World War Brian The World cup research paper, as at now, involves 32 teams. The teams compete for the title at playing fields within a host country for a month.

This period is mostly called World Cup finals. In this essay, I will highlight the World Cup that will be held in Qatar and the suitability of the country to be a host of such an event.

I will put into consideration that World Cup is currently the most viewed sporting event. The net two other events will be held in Brazil in and Russia in Qatar, an Arab state with 1.

In their proposal, Qatar promoted their bid as in the interest of the Arab World, and one that was being support across the Arab league member states. A friendly match between Brazil and Argentina was organized to give a feel of what the World Cup would be like. This match was attended by many people from various parts of the World.

This is one of the issues that strengthened the image of the country in their bid fo World Cup The Asian Cup that was held there was considered as a warm-up event for the World Cup challenge. The World Cup in Qatar will be one of the best tournaments ever. The transportation industry of Qatar is sophisticated.

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Their primary means of transport is road. This is because of the cheap petroleum prices in the country. The advanced road systems of Qatar are being upgraded so as to serve the needs of the fast growing population.

Many highways in the country are being upgraded with new expressways under construction in the capital city Doha.

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Other major towns in the country are connected to Doha by a large network of buses, which is the primary mode of transportation in the city Johnston The city is also linked to Bahrain by both road and rail at Zubarah.

However, the country has no rail networks except the one under construction by a German company. The construction will take place over the next 20 years. The main airport of the country as at now is the Doha International Airport. However, because of the huge number of passengers flying in and through Qatar today, a New Doha International Airport is being constructed to replace the existing airport by next year.

This will support the World Cup event in a great way. The modern telecommunications system of Qatar is another added advantage. Qatar also has saatellite earth stations.

When calling, one can either use satellite, VoIP or submarine cable.

World cup research paper

The country has also got sophisticated heath facilities. Under its management are various sophisticated hospitals with modern facilities by World standards.

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Football is the most popular sporting activity in Qatar. Their teams, including under 20 national football team have got outstanding performance. Working against the suitability of Qatar as a host is the excessive temperatures. World Cup is always held in June and July, which is the European off-season when temperatures in Qatar are well disturbing.

The country will have to spend heavily on technology so as to counter the unbearable weather conditions.research paper - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search.

The FIFA World Cup (Russia) ended today on Sunday July 15th, with France as the champion, followed by Croatia and Belgium. Just like the previous World Cup , many researchers tried to.

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The World Cup On a stage where the whole world stops to gaze at stardom, skill, and national pride, the World cup takes place.

Occuring every four years, countries gather their finest footballers (soccer players) in an attemp to land their team onto the World cup Final.

Essay about The World Cup - It happens once every four years, 32 countries, players, staff and millions of fans. That is the World Cup, thirty two nations will come together as one to support their country, tears will be shed, hearts will be broken, and spirits will be lifted as the nations battle it .

Essay on t20 world cup Innovation research paper mulgi shikli pragati zali marathi essay aai rice religious tolerance essay forester difference between thematic analysis and thematic synthesis essay smith marx keynes comparison essay robert musil essays on friendship. Project Management Research Paper BUS Project Planning and Management May 26, * The World Cup began back in in Uruguay and only consisted of 13 teams.

* Out of those 13 teams, 7 were from South America, four from Europe, and 2 North American teams.

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